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Think sweet ~ stay slim

Think sweet ~ stay slim
Notwithstanding the overwhelming evidence that an excess of calorie intake per se, irrespective of the source of calories, causes obesity, there remains a populist and a policy view that sugar, rather than fat is the primary culprit. Although the biological argument that not all calories are equal and that carbohydrate calories are more fattening has been debunked by sound experimental evidence[1], the case moves more to appetite as the causative factor. Since people don’t eat what they don’t like, an understanding of the “liking” of particular foods becomes important.
To study this phenomenon, two approaches are possible. One is to use a ‘cross sectional’ approach which seeks to compare obese persons and lean persons for their food preferences at a single moment in time. The problem here is that the obese persons may have acquired a view of what putatively ‘causes’ obesity and in so doing, they may bias their response to any study questionnaires. Thus obese sub…