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Mind over matter: Perceived time as opposed to real time on blood glucose in type 2 diabetes

To most experimental human biologists, among whose company I include myself, life, in its most basic form, is a series of biological steps, relentless biological steps but beautifully masterminded by genes, orchestrated by hormones and managed by enzymes. These biological steps are shaped by our biological clock, our age, our sex, and by a myriad of inherited factors. They are also shaped by the food we eat and the drugs we take which together, dominate human biology experimental studies. From time to time, we face assertions that biological processes can be mastered by mental power. We accept that relaxation causes biological effects but do so with the same thought process that tells us that physical activity causes biological effects. We even accept that relaxation can be trained to quite high levels through techniques of, for example yoga or other forms of meditation. The neurological systems are very complex and thus those not expert in the field of neurobiology simply accept such…