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My new book: Ever seen a fat fox ~ human obesity explored

My new obesity book: Ever seen a fat fox ~ human obesity explored: Chapter outline
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Preface: The preface starts with two quotations from the UK Foresight Report on obesity which clearly spells out the complexity of obesity and as a result the need for obesity to be tackled through a multi-level and multi-disciplinary approach which must be adequately funded by central government and the book argues many times that this simply does not occur. The single largest UK investment programme on obesity has a budget only a fraction that of the annual spend of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. The preface brings the reader through the overall book plan and gives the reader some idea of what to expect by the end of the book
Chapter 1: Ever seen a fat fox.We share an enormous amount of our genes with the animal kingdom but, with the exception of the hand of man, no other species gets fat and remains fat for life. This chapter explores the uni…