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Salt, health and nutritional dogmatism

Salt may be a health issue now but the two most famous salt wars involved the City of Perugia versus Pope Paul III over a salt tax introduced by the Vatican in 1540 and then the Mexican-US salt wars or El Paso salt wars of 1877 over ownership of salt rich lakes in Texas. Today’s salt war is fought on the plains and hills of public health nutrition and is put under the microscope in a series of papers in the International Journal of Epidemiology. The central paper, from researchers at Boston and Columbia Universities, examines the objectivity of both camps in this public health feud[1].
It began with a search of the scientific literature for all reports relating salt to health. A total of 269 such reports were found of which two thirds were simply comments or letters in learned journals, a quarter were primary studies in which the hypothesis of a salt health link was directly tested in humans and the remaining 9% were either guidelines or reviews of primary data(systematic reviews). Of…