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Physical activity and the politics of healthy eating

When the food industry or its trade associations are questioned about the global problem of obesity, they tend to draw heavily on the modern rise in the physical inactivity side of the coin rather than the energy intake side. Since they have a significant vested interest in the latter, that is understandable. But it does lay them open to the criticism that they have precious little interest in the caloric intake side of obesity and simply argue that energy imbalance is largely due to the decline in physical activity in the last half century. Much of this criticism comes from those who brand the food industry in the worst possible light right down to the direct comparison with the tobacco industry and scientists who receive money from the food industry in the study of physical activity are drawn into this scenario. I have previously blogged on this issue so I will just highlight here some of the arguments. Those that belittle or reduce the role of physical activity point out that in th…