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Shed fats, not carbs ~ new human study

In recent years, it has become quite fashionable to argue that the real culprit in obesity are carbohydrates and as such fats have gained considerably good marks in the hierarchy of villainous calories. Gary Taubes, a highly influential author on this topic wrote thus: ‘‘Any diet that succeeds does so because the dieter restricts fattening carbohydrates .Those who lose fat on a diet do so because of what they are not eating—the fattening carbohydrates’’. The argument is that carbohydrates cause a surge in insulin release and insulin is what keeps fat within fat cells. When carbohydrates are restricted, this insulin surge falls allowing fats to be released from fatty tissue for burning (oxidation) for energy. All very well in theory but now, the results of an impeccably designed human study will greatly challenge this recent view that fats are good and barbs are bad[1]. So what makes this study so solid.
The volunteers were extremely obese. The males had a BMI of 38 while that of femal…