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January nutritional non-sense

In this morning’s Sunday Independent magazine (Sunday, January 4th), there is a half page article entitled “Supercharge your diet” by Dr Johnny Bowden, described in the article as a weight-loss expert. I have picked out a few of his statements to comment on. Under the heading “Protein planning”, he makes the following statement: “Many protein-rich foods – tuna, avocado, chicken- also contain the amino acid tyrosine, which leaves you feeling wide awake”. Now if you consult the USDA Food Composition Tables[1]and specifically search for tyrosine, you find that all foods that contain protein must contain tyrosine. Quite simply, proteins may vary in their level of tyrosine, but if it’s a protein, it has to have the amino acid tyrosine. Its actually hard to understand why these three foods were mentioned. For example, both cod and shellfish have more tyrosine than tuna and turkey has more tyrosine than chicken. So, if you buy into the idea that tyrosine “leaves you feeling wide awake” then a…