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Celebrating 100,000 views of Gibneyonfood

“The media is today awash with articles on all aspects of food and health and some are so non-sensical that I thought I'd start my own blog to provide an alternative medium through which an informed view on food and health can be delivered. The blog will be a weekly event coming live every Monday morning, beginning on Monday November the 8th and will cover a wide range of topics”.

So began my first blog on November the 1st, 2011.  Now, 80 posts later, the blog has passed 100,000 page views giving an average of 1,251 views per post and an average of over 3,000 views per month. At first I welcomed comments on individual blogs but stopped that facility when people abused it to advertise their health food rubbish. A typical comment might be: “What a fantastic blog and all antioxidants are not the same. Try[1] for best results”. Another reason to block comments was the advent of porn tags. One day you’d look at the Google Analytics and see an enormous rise in views from some quite unlikely country. When I sought out the most popular referral site, I hit an XXX site. The advice from  Google was to let it pass and never open a referral site you don’t know about. My own book “ Something to chew on ~ challenging controversies in food and health” was the most viewed which is great. I’m currently working on another with the tentative title: “Ever seen a fat fox - the science of human obesity”. After that the rankings are as follows: “Oh Sugar! Wrong about fructose”, “Dolly Parton and the art of dieting”, “Sugar taxes and weight loss prediction”, “Michael Pollan’s in defense of food – a critical appraisal”, “Dietary advice with a grain of salt, “Dietary supplements: useless or useful”, “Sex, obesity and the seven deadly sins”, “Fructose – challenging the myths” and “Sorry Dr Lustig: A calorie is still a calorie”.

 As regards countries,, averaging the last 33 months the country top-ten rankings for views are: US, Ireland, UK, Spain, France, Germany, Romania, Canada, China, Australia.  However, that varies by time. For example taking today (defined by Google analytics as the most recent 24 hours), the rankings now include the Ukraine (life goes on there), Sweden and Russia. Many EU states, Gulf States. Middle East and South American countries also view the site but their contribution is outside the top 10. I have very few views from sub-Saharan Africa so if any readers want to pass on the URL to colleagues in SSA, I’d be very grateful.

I’ve enjoyed blogging and ranting and iconoclasting and I hope you continue to enjoy the product. Thanks for taking a look. Next blog will be on school lunches.

[1] At the time of writing, no URL exists for,which is entirely fictitious! 


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